CVN Kalari Nadakkavu is a very familiar name to all the Kalari enthusiasts. We finds it as its responsibility to motivate artists to practice and promote Kalaripayattu and achieve global acceptance..
About us
CVN kalari Cochin is the sister concern of CVN Kalari Nadakkavu, where the traditional art Kalari treatments are practiced and performing since 1945. We the team of CVN Kalari Nadakkavu payattu....
Sri, Narayanan Gurukkal the founder of CVN Kalari Nadakkavu Sangham was born in the year 1927 and at the age of “nine” initiated into Kalari training.For thirty years he was the District secretary....
“Awards represent achievement, and to an extent they show more about who you are, because they show desire, ambition, goals, and accomplishment.”
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Ayurveda Marma Treatment Centre Opp. Silver Line Hospital , Kadavanthra .... Click below link to get full details of contact info. including accurate position and places.
CVN & Films

A few films like Asoka, Lajja, Ravan, Dilse, urumi & the Jackie Chan Movie ‘The Myth’ etc. where in the skill of weaponry actions are exposed.

Kalari Training
The training of Kalaripayattu is takes place in a religious atmosphere. Lord Shiva combined with the Shakti – The Goddess of power & other Gods is the preceding deity of Kalari and it is.....
Kalari Treatments
Massage and Ayurvedic treatment are part of every Kalari system. Kalari Gurukkal is specialized in Neurology and Orthopedics to attend anyaccidental injuries and also specialized in “Marma Chikista” a...
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CVN Nadakkavu
THE CVN Kalari Nadakkavu Nadakkav, situated in the heart of Calicut city, where traditional martial arts have been practiced and performed for more than half a century. The Kalari conducts regular..